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Holiday Gift Guides

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

You guys know I don't take spending money lightly. As someone who tries to thrift everything before buying anything new, I really take into account the ways I want to spend my dollars. So I don't take recommending ways to spend your dollars lightly either. Anything that I share in these guides are things I would spend my dollars on all over again and find worthy of the investment.

  1. Marble Dish: I treated myself to a set of these earlier this year and they spark joy daily. Some people think they look like coffee filters but I think they look like the perfect little interesting piece just about anywhere. The dresser for jewelry, the kitchen for small fruit, and the coffee table for matches. So versatile and easy to gift.

  2. Blush Balm: Look, I know gifting makeup feels personal, but I'm telling you, you can't go wrong with picking a blush balm. Goes on SO creamy and looks good with all skin tones. Pick a color that speaks to you. If you're looking to treat yourself and revamp your makeup routine like I did over a year ago. Just go ahead and invest in the 5 minute morning and thank me later. Clean beauty that feel so good on the skin and products that last a long time and layer easily depending on what kind of look you're going for. Entire site is 20% off which almost never happens, early access code is EARLY20!

  3. Earrings: I love an everyday earring with a little bit of flair. But also, Anthropologie is having a great Christmas sale and I rounded up a bunch of other gifts that I'd love to see in under my tree. Hint, hint, Josh Goodman, if you're reading!

  4. Inspirational Wordsearch: If you follow me on Instagram, I share this as apart of my morning routine often. I just love that it's an easy way to slow down and really focus on what the verse or inspirational quote of the day is and then carry it with me throughout the day. Margot and Co is a small shop that I've supported for years and she's graciously given me the code SHELBY20 to offer to you all for 20% off her site through January!

  5. Recycled Wool Blanket: I used my birthday money to treat myself to one of these blankets this fall and have no regrets. SO incredibly well-made with the most beautiful color combinations. Also their sustainability mission is so admirable and make me happy to support their efforts. They also offer monogramming which makes for a truly heirloom quality piece.

Honestly, when I thought about things we own and love I wanted to include so many other items that I realized were on my gift guides from last year or the year before which is just a testament to them holding their value. So please browse last year's guide with updated links too!

  1. Timer: My boys love this timer. They use it complete homework and time themselves for how long they need to read. And we started using it after school to give them some downtime before jumping into to chores and homework.

  2. Walker Family Goods Duffles: These were our big gift to our boys last year. We got them each one of the States size duffle bags to make great overnight bags for going to stay with grandparents. But we've honestly used them on every trip. Josh and I even stole them once for a weekend trip. We just packed them each for a week of Thanksgiving in them. But as they grow, I know we'll definitely want to upgrade to the Valley size to accommodate bigger clothes. The quality is incredible and the color choices are on point. Currently on sale for 30% off which is the biggest sale I've ever seen!

  3. Pajamas: I love to get my boys matching jams for the winter. And not always so Christmas specific so that they can just wear them all winter and then pass them down. I loved this print from Old Navy and looks like its currently stocked in all sizes!

  4. Stanley Iceflow: We've had these stainless steel water bottles for years now and they truly take a beating and can withstand little boy roughness.

  5. Wild Robot Series: I absolutely LOVE my read-aloud time with my boys. It's so special and sacred to get lost in a story together. We're currently working our way through the Wild Robot series and love it. I think it's a great story with just enough interest and intrigue to keep my boys interested. My boys are 11.9, and 4.

Again, I almost put several of the same items as last year on this list when I was trying to think of their most used and loved items. Especially the hotwheels Blu Track - been most used and loved for YEARS now.

A few years ago, Josh and I started just exchanging stockings and doing an experience gift that we both enjoy (this year is gonna be a concert!) and honestly it's been so fun. I love love love to curate a good stocking of all his favorite things and I try to do mostly consumable or useful so nothing wasted and nothing to return ever. Here's what I'm putting in his stocking this year (don't worry, he's promised to keep eyes of the blog til after Christmas!)

  1. Chomps: This is a snack that Josh LOVES but we don't always work into our weekly grocery budget so it feels like a treat to get these in his stocking! I got him the variety pack so he can try all the flavors. Use my referral code to get you an extra 15% off discount on the site: SHELBYGOODMAN15

  2. Vega Protein: This is Josh's favorite kind of protein and something he uses every single day. I got him a specality flavor to try cause it's something I already know he really enjoys and will be apart of his daily routine.

  3. Traeger Spices: Josh uses these on all the different kinds of meats he smokes and he loves to try different onees and perfect his recipes. I grabbed a few to throw in his stocking this year!

  4. Bombas Socks: Josh is a coniseur of good socks. I've heard such good things about Bombas that I had to get him some. Bonus points that I love their mission of donating a pair to the homeless for every purchase. I used the code ENCORE20 to get 20% off and free shipping so they were only $16!

  5. Coffee Subscription: We did this coffee club last year and absolutey loved it. I just ran out so I want to renew our subscription for a monthly bag of coffee. The coffees come from around the world and are fair trade. You can customize your coffee preference so I got whole bean espresso blend and love all the ones we tried last year!

Check out last year's list with updated links for more ideas!


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