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Inexpensive Oversized Art

I was just able to create this awesome oversized art piece for my son's room for $10! And I'm showing you how to do the same!

Your first order of business is to thrift an oversized frame! The thrifts are chock full of them so you just need to find some that needs updated with modern art or could use a little revamp!

Next you're gonna choose a piece of black and white printable art that speaks to you! I've got a post full of printable options from Etsy here including the one I purchased!


Here's a bunch of freebie options from the Public Domain that you can download!

James Ward - A View Near Hamilton

Now for printing! The reason we are sticking with black and white options is that they are inexpensive to get printed, you can go with a color option but it will cost you quite a bit more to get printed! In my experience almost anywhere that prints engineering prints will print you a black and white copy for about $4! You can use places like Staples or Office Max, and I used my local Ace Hardware!

I was able to put my piece together for less than $10! Can't wait to see what you guys can do!


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