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Boys' Bedroom Update

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

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I can't believe it was 5 years ago that we moved our oldest two boys into a shared room to make room for a baby brother!

When we did that, we bought a bunkbed for them to maximize their bedroom space so that they could still use their room to play and have plenty of floor space. And when we did that, one of the top recommendations I heard from other moms with bunkbeds was to get Beddy's!

So they've had Beddy's for 5 years now and I am now that mom recommending them to you! If you've ever made a bunkbed, you know they're a hassle to make so there was no way I was going to expect young boys to be able to do it well. But the Beddy's have make it a breeze for them to keep their beds looking nice.

Looking back I'm not sure why I thought white was a great choice for 4 and 6 year old but I can tell you they defininitely held up against blood, urine, markers, throw up and other various little boy stains over the years. They were easy to scrub and easy to throw in the washing machine. But after 5 years they were definitely looking a little worse for wear.

So, Christmas came early for my big boys and I let them pick out new Beddy's.

They had the minky lining option on their last ones and I asked if they wanted the minky again or regular cotton that would feel like a sheet and they both said minky without a doubt! They love how cozy it feels getting into at night! So they chose the Harper Luxe Beddy's and I love that it's a cozy waffle knit pattern! The color compliments the other things in their room well and makes it easy to add fun pillows and throws to if we want a pop of color!

I absolutely love the quality of Beddy's and can attest that they are worth the investment, especially if you have a bunkbed that you want to keep looking nice and neat!

You can use the code HONEYSUCKLE to take 15% off your Beddy's purchase!


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