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2023 Intentions

I don't know about you but I find reflection so valuable towards growth. It's so good for me to look back and evaluate the things I feel proud of and want to do more and the ways I still want to grow and get better.

I started doing this prompt years ago because I think it's a great open-ended way to just set some intentions based on what I experienced the previous year. They aren't necessarily goals and not something to hang over your head if you fail but just something about putting pen to paper has power.

Two years ago I put on my intention sheet that I wanted to "start reading before bed, no screens" and it totally changed me. I stopped watching mindless tv or scrolling on my phone and reignited my love of reading. The habit has stayed with me and this year I read 42 books, so you can teach an old dog new tricks. :)

The other thing I recommend doing is printing one for your significant other to fill out - not only for accountability in the ways you want to grow, but also to keep dreaming together. Josh and I try to do a New Year's vision date where we do this and it's always so beneficial to start the year on the same page.

I enjoy offering my design services and printables for free to you in thanks for being apart of my amazing community. But if you find this to be a valuable resource to you, I never turn down a thank you cup of coffee. (Or I'm @shelbygoodman on Venmo)


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