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My Year in Books

I exceeded my goal in books read last year, I set it for 40 and ended at 43! I read so many good ones and learned new things and expanded my empathy and my horizons.

Here's what I read:

And here's what I loved:

Favorite Historical Fiction:

Rated: 5 stars

Review: Almost 500 pages and I loved it all. Gripped me from the first pages and I absolutely loved how the two stories intertwined. Love and loss and so much humanness in the time of war. The author’s note was so interesting to know how real so much of it was.

Favorite Memoir:

Rated: 5 stars

Review: What an incredible memoir. I so enjoyed the in-depth peek into the author’s emotions throughout her wild ride of a childhood. The way as a young child she saw her parents through rose colored glasses and continued to fight to see the best in them. While as a reader I had such a hard time sharing her view of parents that could treat their children with such low regard. A beautifully brave telling of a resilience in spite of it all.

Favorite Fiction:

Rated: 5 stars

Review: I was so drawn into April’s story right from the beginning. She was so easy to love and never knew it. A beautifully tragic story about the people we keep.

Favorite Non-Fiction:

Rated: 5 stars

Review: Encouraging and convicting in the very best way. Practical habits for creating good family rhythms that always come back to the story of God’s love. Also, the writer is a father of 4 sons so I related to his stories so much.

Favorite Thriller:

Rated: 4 stars

Review: Didn’t know what I was getting myself into at first but was driven to flip pages and find out the truth about the community of Pastoral. Enjoyable read - love the ending.

Favorite Modern Romance:

Rated: 4.5 stars

Review:Such a good read, the ending made me so happy. If you’ve been married for any length of time you’ll probably find many relatable parts.

Favorite Audio Book:

Listened to the audio book and absolutely loved hearing the raw and real emotions of both Ashely and Dino reading their own words. A beautiful and encouraging story of their journey in learning to trust God to guide their lives and marriage. I loved how Ashley added practical design tips at the end of each chapter that pertained to what they had talked about in that chapter. You’ll walk away feeling inspired and encouraged.

Honorable Mention:

What a deep and meaningful family story. I loved that I listened to part of it on audio and could really hear the way Eleanor would’ve spoken to her children with that accent. So many story lines and so much to unpack. I definitely need to try a piece of black cake now.

I review almost all my reads as I go so find me on GoodReads if you want to follow along!

I'm also giving away five of my 5 star review books on Instagram today if you want to get a new read sent to your front door!


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