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Boys Shared Room: The Reveal

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

With less than two months until baby brother makes his appearance, we've successfully transitioned our two older boys into sharing a room!

I had so much fun designing a shared space for them that would accommodate both of their interests and grow with them as they continue to get older.

What started as a list of must-haves and a design board was so fun to bring to life!

I must say, my favorite thing about the boys' new room has got to everything about their bunkbeds. Which is saying a lot coming from a mama who was super hesitant about bunkbeds altogether!

From this steal of an ikea wooden bunkbed that we stained to suit their room design,

to the amazingly soft and comfortable Allswell mattresses,

and their life-saving Beddy's zippered bedding - everything about their beds makes me smile. I seriously cannot tell you how life-saving this bedding has felt in this season of transition, though. The fact that the boys can both easily make their beds is HUGE. If you've ever tried to neatly make a bunkbed, you know this to be very true.

If you're in the market at all, I cannot recommend these enough. And this code will give you 20% off your purchase!

My next favorite feature about their room has got to be their double desk area. It gets SO much use between artwork and legos and I love to peek in and see them both sitting there!

Maximizing their floor space so that they have plenty of room to play was also super important to us. This means we had to get creative with their storage. But we started by minimizing the toys that would be stored in their room. I wanted everything to have a easy place to be stored so that the boys could easily clean up their own room.

We started with this Versanora stacking unit so the boys could easily see and access some of their favorite toys and books.

Then we added some large storage bins - one to storage all the cars and trucks and the other stores their favorite building magnets.

There are a few other larger toys and more books that get stored in their "secret spot" as they call it - which is that little door with the G on it. But that is all they have in their room.

The other thing that helps with storage is that they have a large closet and then just share this double dresser.

Adding elements that represent both of their personalities and things that I had used in their nurseries was a special thing to add in.

I know this will be a room for them to make memories in and one that they can enjoy for years to come.



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