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Kid-Friendly Coffee Table Styling

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

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We do a lot of living in our living room and I love to make my coffee table look pretty. But I also have three wild boys ages 8, 6, and 2. And I've always been this way, so I've learned a few tricks and tips to styling kid friendly coffee table over the years and I'm excited to share with you!

First off let's start with the coffee table itself! The main thing you're looking to avoid here is sharp corners. My oldest son got his first and only set of stitches so far from running around a sharp cornered coffee table at a friend's house when he was 3!

I shared a while back some great options for kid-friendly style coffee tables. Round tables are my favorite but a big, comfy ottoman with a big tray on it is a close second. We do a lot of eating in our living room so a solid round table made the most sense for us. We got the Emmie Genuine Marble Coffee table and could not love it more. It honestly exceeded my expectations. The marble has the most gorgeous veining and the brass base looks handmade in the very best way. Totally feels like an heirloom piece.

Now let's break down some kid-friendly styling options. The main things you're trying to avoid here are anything they could break or hurt themselves with if you weren't watching them. I'm thinking no thin glass vases full of real flowers and no lit candles if you have a 2 year old running around. I'm talking about objects that can be dropped, moved around the house, played with, and would be able to withstand curious little hands.

Option 1: Games, but make it cute

We really love to play games in our living room. So I love this styling option. Here I have a marble checkerboard that I thrifted for $2 and that wooden box is holding the brightly color checker pieces. We've got a pretty wooden bowl holding a deck of cards - my boys love to challenge each other in a game of WAR at any given time of the day. The dominos add some visual interest but are also safe for little hands and great for stacking or doing the "domino effect". Lastly I added a little chalkboard to keep track of winnings. A fun option that still looks pretty!

Option 2: Practically Pretty

I love this practically pretty option. I've got a fun coffee table book that I got from the free shelf at my local library, some solid wooden links, a closed candle in a tin jar, a solid brass snuffer, a stack of coasters, and a faux plant. It's practical and useful things mixed with some that are there just to be pretty. Sure my kids might rip or bend pages on this book but it's not so precious that I would be mad. Check your local library discard pile or hit up a yard sale for fun coffee table book options! (And of course I would never light the candle until the baby is in bed.)

Option 3: Lovely Layers

I love a layered look on a coffee table. Here I'm using some already-read magazines and an old devotional book I've already completed to help me add layers. Things that may get bent or ripped but that would be okay because they've already served a purpose. Here I added in a metal lemon dish and an old wooden shoe form as visual interest and as things my kids could play with and not break. The wooden box is hiding the TV remote which I think is a great option for a coffee table. The vase is wooden and the flowers are faux. All safe for little hands!

Option 4: My current setup

As I said, my kids are currently 8, 6, and 2 at the time I'm writing this and this is currently how I have my coffee table styled. I think an open book adds visual interest and I love using these wooden links to prop it open. Magazines are a great way to add layers and invite people to linger. Coasters are always a good idea for a marble coffee table. And some pretty faux florals make my table feel summery.

So, tell me, which setup speaks to you most?

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