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La Jolla Baskets: One Year Review

Updated: May 8, 2021

This post is in partnership with Serena & Lily and may contain affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I redid my first piece of furniture and updated this little entryway space in our home.

I love to redecorate and switch things around in my home seasonally so this area has seen a bunch of different looks but these La Jolla baskets from Serena & Lily are one thing that always stay put.

When I first created it this little space, I used the La Jolla baskets to store extra blankets and table linens since it's right in between the living room and the dining room. But the more we just lived in the space the more I knew, it'd be more functional if we used the La Jolla baskets for toys. My youngest son loves to play in this big open floor space in our home instead of the playroom so I wanted to make it more accommodating for him.

Since becoming toy storage, the La Jolla baskets get used daily and often are dragged around the house, sat in, the lids are used as hats, and the handles are constantly yanked on. Considering all that, I've been so impressed with how well they've held up against 3 boys.

There's just one little spot where the white roping has come undo and I'd say that's amazing considering all the abuse they've taken!

These are the small size and they hold our entire collection of wooden tracks and also magnatiles.

So if you're wanting to know if these La Jolla baskets live to up the hype and can withstand to be used as toy storage, my answer is absolutely! And when we're done with toy storage, I can envision using these as a great hamper in their rooms or a blanket basket next to the couch or even storage for extra towels for a bathroom!

As you can see these La Jolla baskets have been around my home through each season and continue to be beautifully functional no matter what time of year. I can definitely see these being a functional staple in my home.

Which seasonal set up do you like best? Winter > Spring > Summer > Fall


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