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Kid-Friendly Coffee Table RoundUp

One of the things I hear people tell me that they're often lost on is how to create a home that's both kid-friendly and also stylish. I get that, trust me. It's taken me some trial and error but I feel like I've found my groove now that I'm in my third rodeo with a toddler.

My husband has a scar on his forehead from where he jumped and hit the corner of a piece of furniture as a kid so as someone who birthed his three sons, I knew round furniture was gonna be the most kid friendly option!

So let's talk coffee tables today! I've partnered with AllModern to feature some of their great kid-friendly options for coffee tables.

I think the best options when you have little kids are gonna be a rounded wooden coffee table or an ottoman that you can use as a coffee table with a tray on it!

Here are some style inspiration:

Here's my current set-up but stay tuned to see what changes we're making and my tips for kid-friendly styling of a coffee table!

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