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Holiday Gift Guides

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

You guys know I don't take spending money lightly. As someone who tries to thrift everything before buying anything new, I really take into account the ways I want to spend my dollars. So I don't take recommending ways to spend your dollars lightly either. Anything that I share in these guides are things I would spend my dollars on all over again and find worthy of the investment.

So I'm giving you what I know. I know what I like and the things that enhance my life and I know what my little boys like and have gotten lots of usage out of so that's what I'm sharing with you and I hope it helps make shopping a tiny bit easier this season.

Half Baked Harvest Super Simple - I've been working my way through all the recipes in this cook book this year and have LOVED it. I've loved almost every single recipe I've made and if you get it start with the Pot Pie and let it change your life.

Nisolo Carmen Chelsea Boots // Yes, these are a total wardrobe investment piece. But I was spending $40 on Target boots every year that only last one season and I got really tired of that wastefulness. And you really can't beat genuine leather boots in a timeless style that are sustainably and ethically made. Once I broke these in, I walked all over Chicago in them last year and they are so comfy. My last pair of leather boots I purchased over 10 years ago and still have them so I think it's worth the investment.

Stanley Adventure Quencher - I'm sure you've seen these all over instagram but when everyone's saying something is great, they're usually right. At 40oz. this bottle has helped me drink way more water per day and keeps ice cold all day long. Fits in my car cup holder and has a handle for easy transporting. Truly love it. Out of stock almost everywhere but found it in stock for you here.

Anthropologie Taper Candles - I love a special taper candle. I usually try to thrift all of mine but I know that's not easy to do for everyone. These feel really special and perfectly decorative and would make any kinda dinner feel fancy.

De'Longhi Espresso Machine - Why didn't anyone tell me I needed one of these things years ago?! Total game changer. Josh and I both say that we prefer our coffee at home now to any coffee shop. If you're someone who loves to get coffees out, you could easily make your money back quickly enjoying this machine. With a fresh grind and the smart tamping that leaves no messy grinds behind, you will fall in love too. This is the smaller version of the one I actually have and it doesn't have the automatic frother but we rarely use that feature anyway.

Bergs Scalloped Planter - I've had this planter for a few years and it still makes me smile. Perfectly weathered terracotta with a slight pinkish hue. Makes any plant look beautiful.

Tiny Twist Hoops - I saw a friend wearing these and immediately fell in love with the look. One earring that looks like two by the way it wraps your ear. I put them in my second holes months ago and haven't taken them out since.

Caraway Home Cook & Bake Ware - I was a bit of a skeptic after seeing this cookware make it's way around the internet but after talking to a few personal friends who owned it, I was ready to try it. After using stainless steel our entire married life because of the toxicity linked to nonstick pans, I was excited to give this nontoxic version a try. After months of use, I'm a big fan. I don't have to use any oil when frying eggs or making rice and nothing sticks. And it's beautiful to boot. I just got the bakeware set and couldn't love it more. The whole site is on big sale up to 20% off.

JCrew Moccasin Slippers - I love me a good pair of house slippers. Like a hug for your feet. These are so comfy and you won't even look like a crazy person if you accidentally wear them outside the house. Extra 10% off your purchase with code CYBER10 and free shipping today.

Over the door Basketball hoop - Great for times when you need to send them to their room to get some energy out and it's too cold outside.

Trouble - Our favorite family game. Even littles can play this one and it's one of my boys' most played games.

K'nex - Not quite ready to deal with the chaos that can be legos but still have a kid interested in building? K'nex is a great option. My boys have a tub of these and love to use them. Lots easier to clean up than legos.

Blu Track - Whoever invented this is a genius. A long race track that rolls up and is easy to store. How many big bulky hot wheels tracks did I go through trying to store before I found this gem? My boys' favorite way to use it is down the stairs. Hours of fun.

Polaroid Pop - Like the old school Polaroid but without wasting film. This camera is great because you can retake pictures until you get one you like and then it instantly prints just like the old style Polaroids. My boys love it. I bought them extra film for a gift this year and they're gonna be so excited.

Little Blue Truck Christmas - There definitely is not a more read Christmas book in our house. The tree at the end lights up and they love it so much and I love the way the lights flash on their face in a dim room before bedtime. I've linked all our favorite books here though.

Magnatiles - Probably our most played with toy in our home. All of my boys 9,7,2 love these and often make towers or garages for other trucks and toys. Easy to use and store.

Rad Robot - He's remote controlled, he repeats what you say through the controller, he farts, he says funny things, he's basically a little boy dream. And he's been well loved for over a year so you know he's a keeper.

Lego starter kit - I love the imagination that comes out of giving them legos without a building kit. Building kits are great but they're always way more proud of the things they make up themselves.

Bonus item:

La Jolla baskets: If you're like me and love to have a lived-in home that still looks cute, these La Jolla baskets from Serena & Lily are for you. Mine are full of magnatiles and train tracks in our living room and it feels like the best of both worlds. So well made and durable. I have the small size and they're substantial. Use code: ITSHERE to enjoy 25% off everything on their site (even Sale items!) through tomorrow, 11/30.


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