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Gift Guide for Her

You guys know I don't take spending money lightly. As someone who tries to thrift everything before buying anything new, I really take into account the ways I want to spend my dollars. So I don't take recommending ways to spend your dollars lightly either. Anything that I share in these guides are things I would spend my dollars on all over again and find worthy of the investment.

H&M Home Bubble Pot: I move this little pot around my house and I swear it looks good everywhere I put it. Add some fresh juniper branches to it and it makes a perfect holiday or hostess gift!

Anthropologie Houndstooth Scarf: I always feel like my outfits go to waste in the winter because if it's cold out, I pretty much always leave my coat on and no one ever sees it. So to me, a pretty scarf is the equivalent of a good winter outfit. This one is timeless yet festive.

Striped Glassware: I don't know what it is but I love to drink wine out of pretty, petite glasses. Maybe it's that I feel I can fill it up several times cause it's small ;) Grab a couple of these cuties and a bottle of wine and it's a guaranteed good gift.

Curate: I absolutely love a good coffee table book and this one is chock full of inspiration and beautiful images. I have a whole list of others that I love here.

Caraway Muffin Tin: I'm obsessed with this thing. I use it weekly to make egg bites and muffins for my boys and it requires no spray and things pop out so beautifully - even eggs! I've used it weekly for almost a year and it looks like new still and I haven't bought cupcake liners since I got it. The site is 20% off right now so grab one of these and include your favorite muffin recipe and it'll be the gift that keeps on giving!

Thrift Tote: I know, I know, a shameless plug for my own product but it really is such a great tote and can hold so much! Grab one of these, head to the thrift to see what kind of treasures await to put in it and give a truly unique gift!

Custom Gift Box: We can't forget to support the small shops during the holidays and I love this option from Give With Joy, especially if you're not quite sure what to get someone. She has a variety of small shop items to choose from and you choose your own budget and it's always packaged so nicely! She'll even mail it directly to the recipient and save you that step if you were planning to mail it anyways! You can use code SHELBY10 through Dec. 12 in her shop!

Aerie Waffle Set: For me, Aerie is king of cozy. All their loungewear and sweatshirts are my favorites in my closet. I love the color of this waffle set - throw on some sneaks and a jean jacket and it passes as an outfit.

Juniper Print Shop Art: I know art is usually a personal preference but I feel like you could never go wrong thrifting a beautiful frame and then grabbing a vintage landscape art piece to put in it. The shop is full of a variety of prints for any taste though and they offer download or printed options based on your preference!

Gourmica Air Fryer: I don't know what I did before my air fryer. It makes so many foods taste so much better and saves me tons of time. I air fry all my potato fries, veggies, chicken nuggets for kids, reheating pizza, you name it, it probably tastes better in the air fryer. I'm linking the newer version of the one I own and I've had zero issues with mine!

Beach Waver: I forgot how much I love this thing. It makes doing your hair in a time crunch so easy. Literally 5 minutes with this thing and your hair looks like you actually tried.

I honestly wanted to use so many of the things that I put on last year's gift guide because I still use and love them all just as much as I did last year but I wanted to send you some new ideas! And I honestly couldn't really thing of anything different to post for a boy's gift guide because it's the same things from last year that they still play with so be sure to jump over there and check out that list as well!

I will be back with a Gift Guide for Him though so stay tuned!


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