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What's in My Hospital Bag

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

I can't believe I'm here already.

Full term and time to pack my hospital back. I asked you guys what I needed most on Instagram last week and got some great answers and here's where I'm at so far.

For baby:

- Cute outfits for pictures and going home

- Swaddles and blankets

- Mittens

- A gift from his big brothers (this bear from Cuddle + Kind will be perfect)

- Paci

- Promptly Journal for handprints/footprints

For Mama:

- Comfy clothes (joggers, pj top, robe, slippers, etc)

- Nursing Friendly clothes: prettiest nursing bra by Lively (Use code SHELBYGOODMANVIP for a $10 discount!), and this slimming nursing tank

- Bath products - that first shower after birth is EVERYTHING. I'm loving Public Goods natural products. Check them out here and use code SHELBYG with any purchase for a FREE travel kit that allows you to test a variety of products!

- Snacks (like my fave RX Bars)

- I also like to bring my own medicines (ibuprofen, stool softener, essential oils, nipple cream, etc.) so I have all that in my Only Essentials bag. I also have mints, a massage ball and other things for labor in there.

Not pictured but definitely bringing:

- My nursing pillow

- An extra long phone cord

- Makeup - we're going to get pictures done at the hospital so I'll want to look semi-human.

- Everyday toiletries like toothbrush, contact solution, etc.


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