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Vintage Charm

You guys know that vintage has my heart and therefore has my home. There are SO many things I love about decorating with vintage: the uniqueness, the charm, the character - I love having a home that no one can just go out to a big box store and replicate. It's years of collecting and editing with thoughtfulness and intention.

The one thing I will say about vintage though is you're usually just stuck with what you can find as far as making sizes and spacing work unless you're patient enough to wait for JUST the right piece. That's really where I was with my dining room. I'd been impatient and had gotten a rug that was too big for the space and it didn't work out. But I really needed a rug size that isn't a standard size as far as most manufactured rugs go. So I was excited when I found Revival Rugs - an amazing resource of vintage rugs where you can search by size, color, and style!

I was able to put in the exact dimension parameters I needed to have the rug fit my table and chairs and yet not flow into the walkway of our room. Then I sorted by color - I wanted to add a subtle pop of pink in this room - and style - I looooove Turkish style rugs. And this vintage rug I found checked all my boxes!

To me, this blush pink with a pattern is subtle enough to be a neutral and still allow me to mix in seasonal colors with pillows and patterns. And believe me, there is a reason why people love vintage rugs - you can't beat the quality and durability. I've already scrubbed my rug from a spill and it looks just as good or just adds to the character. ;)

I've been a vintage lover/collector for almost 15 years now and I will say that good vintage rugs are hard to come by so a resource like Revival Rugs is such a game changer.

All pretty in pink just in time for gathering season. Can't wait to add more character to it over the years.

If you're in the market for a vintage rug, I 10/10 recommend checking out all the beautiful options at Revival Rugs. You can use code SHELBYGOODMAN10 for 10% off your purchase!


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