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Two Cute

My baby turned 2 last week. I don't know who told him he was allowed to keep on growing. We woke him up singing and throwing balloons and totally surprised him. Then in the evening, we had some family over to celebrate him - and he's the easiest boy to celebrate. So much to love about our Graham-a-Lamby.

I like to go all out on a first birthday and then keep most other parties pretty low-key and budget friendly. By the time he's 5 I'll be ready for another big milestone party, ha!

Would you believe that cake cost me $5 to make? I've been making homemade birthday cakes for years and the key is in the decorating! My motto with boxed cake and icing is if it ain't broke don't fix it. Funfetti is our favorite kind of cake with cream cheese frosting. Can't beat it in this house. For the cake seen above, I used 2 box cake mixes divided evenly into 3 8" round cake pans. This makes for a great height if you ask me. I looked around my house to find a perfect cake topper and ended up using some of the cute toys from his room paired with some wooden letters I had.

Also, can we please just appreciate this line up of all my cuties at 2 years old?


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