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Tips for Spring Entertaining

This post is in partnership with Bed, Bath & Beyond but all photos and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

Have you ever made up excuses about your home as a reason why you couldn't entertain? Sure, we always want to put our best foot forward when we invite people into our homes but we should never let the things we see as imperfect stop us from inviting people in. Today, I want to show you some creative ways to refresh your home and help you entertain with ease using items I found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. From creating an atmosphere to making a centerpiece with things you already have, I hope you'll find some great ideas to use!

Create an atmosphere

I think one of the easiest ways to make people feel comfortable when they come into your home is to make an inviting atmosphere. Have a comfortable seating area ready and avoid any awkward standing around by showing them where you'd like them to have a seat.

Bring in some fresh flowers or go out into your yard and cut some greens, even. These blooms were just taken from our flowering tree.

Light candles and choose soothing scents. This peony-scented candle filled the entire room.

Make people feel comfortable

Lead the way in making people feel comfortable by taking your shoes off or inviting them to do the same. Having cozy textures in a home is one of my favorite ways to make it feel inviting. We upgraded our dining room rug so that it is definitely a place you'd want to take off your shoes and stay awhile.

We also snagged these beautifully textured pillows for our dining room window seat that help add to the cozy factor and make sitting in these seats extra inviting.

(Pillows left to right - 1 / 2 / 3 )

Keep the food simple

If you like to cook, by all means, go all out. But for a lot of people, this is the most intimidating part. One of my to-go ideas for entertaining is to make a beautiful charcuterie board.

I found a good sized slate board and a couple pretty salt bowls and filled it a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, crackers and spreads.

This is also a great appetizer idea if you are planning to serve a dinner and gives people a nice variety of things to fill their plates with. I love these marbled plates as a perfect mix and match to whatever serving items you might already have.

Use what you have

Get creative with the things you already own and just invest in a few key entertaining pieces that can serve multiple purposes. Take this utensil holder for example. Here I'm using it as a vase for flowers.

And here I'm using it as an ice bucket for chilling wine.

When I was stumped for a centerpiece, I just took three of my wine glasses and let them double as vases.

Or I used a bag of pears I had from making the charcuterie board and let them double as a centerpiece or place setting.

This galvanized tray is one of those great, versatile entertaining pieces as I could have also used this for serving bread during dinner.

Same with these blush napkins - perfect as napkins but also double as added color on top of this chambray table runner.

One of the best ways you can refresh your home this spring is by inviting people into it. So tuck a couple ideas away, and let this serve as your reminder to text that couple you've been meaning to have over!

Check out my Spring Entertaining Idea Board for any of the products used in this post!


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