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Simple Ways to Include your Kids in Everyday Tasks

One thing I've really worked on this past year is including my boys in what I'm doing at home. Whether it's laundry, dishes, cleaning or cooking.  I don't always get to play with them as much as I'd like so including them in the things I do gives us that time to talk and connect. 

It also teaches me patiences like none other. ;)

And I feel like including them in cooking requires the most patience. But they

really love to be included. So I set aside times that I plan to include them.

And I mentally prepare for it to take much longer than expected. :)

I also pick something that doesn't require too many steps to include them in.

Muffins are a good example.

 With cooking, getting this customized 'sous chef' apron from Minted just filled 

my 5 year old's little cup and added that 'extra special' factor for the times he helps me in the kitchen.

Only $28 with free personalization!

Other simple ways to include your kids in everyday tasks:

(Note: My kids are 5 and 3 so that's the skill level I'm working with)

Dusting: put socks on their hands and assign them an area that doesn't have anything breakable

Dishwasher: let them be the one to put away the silverware

Dinnertime: let them set the table for you

Laundry: have them match up all the socks

Sweeping: let them hold the dustpan

Groceries: let them help you carry lighter things in and put things away

Picking up: make them responsible for their own toys


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