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Picnic Date + Printable

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

The way I show love best is by giving my time and talents. By taking time to be thoughtful and creative. I know you're not supposed to keep score in marriage but Josh has been loving me SO well lately. I'm talking picking up my slack without saying a word, planning date nights, and I even found the microwave cleaned out last week. 

The best seasons in marriage are the ones where you're trying to out-serve, out-love the other so I had to up my game! This time by planning our date in picnic form. 

It was a perfect 80 degree day with bright blue skies and big fluffy clouds and by the look on his face, I know my gesture said loud and clearly, "I see you, boo" 

Taking a little extra effort to make things beautiful doesn't have to be difficult! 

I bought these 8x8 kraft boxes off amazon for a pack of 10 - perfect for things like this and simple gift wrapping with a beautiful ribbon! 

The name cards are reused place settings from our Friendsgiving last year - handlettered by Mallory Overton.

Everything else was scrounged up through my craft box. Stickers, washi tape, and bakers twine.

And I designed the top myself! Printable version available at the end of this post!

My menu was pretty simple but delicious. 

Turkey sandwiches on ciabatta wrapped in parchment paper

Rainer cherries in a berry basket

Veggies and dip in a cup

Dark chocolate for dessert

Perrier with a straw

(I also brought hummus and pita chips and strawberries but they weren't in the lunch box)

Such a simple + sweet way to reconnect for us. 

Dates don't need to be over the top. Just intentional time set aside to do 

something we enjoy together.

Need to plan a date for your boo? Use my printable template and fill in your names in the bottom!

Either hand write them in or insert this file into your favorite editing program and use the blank space at the bottom to type in your names!

(For personal use only)

Be sure to tag me if you use it and share via instagram!


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