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Personalized Placecards with Polaroid

'Tis the season for memory-making and extra special dinners around the table. Today I want to show you a fun way to personalize a special Christmas brunch or dinner party using a Polaroid Pop instant digital camera to create picture-perfect place setting cards!

All you'll need is some colored card stock and any stickers and embellishments you might have on hand and of course, your Polaroid Pop!

Using your Polaroid Pop, capture some fun photos of your family or dinner guests.

(Because of the ability to see photos and retake before printing, this would be an easy job to assign to kids as guests are coming in!)

Once you have your pictures, you'll want to use your card stock and embellishments to decorate the instant picture of your guests! (You can have these pre-made and ready to glue on or even just buy festive stickers!)

Perhaps with a cute elf hat or a beard!

For kids, I thought it'd be fun to assign them an elf name based on the picture they took! This will make it fun for them to have to find their place setting!

Guests can even take these home as a party favor and use them as a tree ornament!

It would be easy to make a more simple and sophisticated version of this for an adult dinner party, too! Just snap a cute picture of guests as they arrive!

And then write their name in your best script!

Simple and beautiful ways to make your holiday entertaining fun and personalized!

You can enter for a change to win your very own Polaroid Pop instant camera to create your own DIY projects! Head over to the Polaroid website to enter!


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