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My Year in Books

Wow, last year was a record for me. I read 40 books. Compared to the year before when I only read 9. But in January when I was setting my intentions for the year, I committed to giving up mindless TV and Instagram scrolling in the evening in favor of books and I never looked back. I set a goal to read 25 books and reached it by June. I feel so much better going to bed reading and I am actually learning new things.

Here's what I read and here's what I loved:

I love to read books of all genres and to switch it up often to keep my mind energized.

I'll break it down by my favorites of each genre, all of which I gave 5 stars!

Favorite Historical Fiction:

Review: I feel changed and educated. My ideas of the Great Depression were all based around the cities. I’m not sure if my public education failed me or I didn’t retain any information regarding the Dust Bowl that occurred in America. The devastation in the Great Plains and that iconic picture of a mother during the Great Depression feel incredibly real and close to my heart now. I feel undone like I would for a close friend who I’ve come alongside during incredible loss and pain. Such an incredible story.

Favorite Memoir:

Review: Love that it read more like a novel than a memoir but was incredibly eye opening and intriguing. An empowering story of overcoming one’s circumstances and the strong bond of family.

Favorite Psychological Thriller:

Review: A fast paced thriller that I devoured in a long afternoon. Kept me interested and guessing which is what I love about a good book in this genre.

Favorite Fiction:

Review: My empathy and compassion expanded in new ways stepping into a life of a 30-something mother and her son who is the same age as my oldest from another part of the world. My heart breaks that stories like this could even be close to real for some.

Favorite Non-Fiction:

Review: What an incredibly encouraging book. That so many great men of faith attribute it to their mothers. The unwavering love, a faith lived out in front of them, years of unending prayers. May my sons know the love of Jesus because they saw it true in me first.

Favorite Love Story:

Review: Was a little put off by the similar story line having just read One Day in December but loved the ending to this one and the strong friendship storyline.

Honorable Mentions: Salt to the Sea and The Book of Lost Names both Historical Fictions that I loved reading!

I joined a book club this year and I'm hoping to keep this habit going. Setting a goal for another 40 this year. If you want to follow along and read my reviews, let's be friends on GoodReads.


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