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My Favorite Non-Art Art

Some of my favorite art in my home isn't traditional art. Inspiration for art can be found almost anywhere if you've got your eye out for it. I'm gonna show you some of my favorites so as you keep your eyes open in your own world, you'll be able to know it when you see it.


This is definitely one of my favorite ways to recycle a calendar from a previous year. Trim off the dates and you've got instant art.

Or leave the dates and circle a day that meant something to you that year.

Or just buy a beautiful calendar that you can use as art.

Books/Book pages/Jacket Art

Most especially in kids rooms, I love to use beautiful books as art.

Grouped together well, they make as much a statement as a gallery wall

I've also cut out pages from vintage children's books for art

And even trimmed up an inside book jacket that had a beautiful art pattern

Pressed Leaves/Flowers

Saved from a sweet season in life or an adorable gesture from your child. Pressing leaves or flowers and then framing them can create such a personal touch in your home.

The method I use is laying them flat in a heavy book and letting them dry out completely. Once dry, I seal them with a clear matte mod podge to help them stay preserved. We found so many leaves that looked like hearts this past fall and I had to frame one.

Recipes/ Letters / Cards

There's something so endearing about someone you love's handwriting, isn't there? A family favorite recipe in your grandmother's handwriting tucked into your kitchen can make a beautiful piece of art.

The same goes for a letter. Put that handwriting that pulls on your heart strings on display.

Maybe the sentiment inside the card is a bit too personal to display. Framing a card is instant art.


Easily my favorite art is a framed set of my second son's newborn footprints. I trimmed an extra set that my hospital sent home with me and I've had them up for years.

Other ideas: a key from your first house, a brooch your great grandma used to wear all the time, a set of glasses, an heirloom baby outfit, a vintage baseball mit. Sky's the limit.


As an avid thrifter I can tell you, it's pretty easy to come across an old Atlas or book of maps as they're not widely used anymore. Cut out a place that's special to you and you've got yourself some art!

Signs / Banners

It doesn't have to be in a frame to be art. In my sons' room, I have an old railroad number sign and a homemade banner in lieu of traditional art.

I hope that helped encourage you to see things with a fresh perspective. Add those personal touches to your home because life is art.


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