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LookBook Styling with Give with Joy

I was in a creative rut in the beginning of this year. It happens often after the holidays die down and those long winter months hit and it's super cold and I'm indoors a lot. I just feel uninspired and my creative juices run low. And I hate feeling like that. 

I prayed for a new project to come my way that would energize and inspire me in a new way. 

I've been following Aneta for a long time via instagram and had gotten to know the heart behind her business and always loved her illustration style. So when we approached me to style and photograph her product in my home for her next look book, I was thrilled! 

It was JUST the creative project I was praying for. 

Her artwork is inspiring in and of itself but then to have the opportunity to style it in my own home and push myself to move things around and see things with fresh eyes was so fun for me. It definitely got my creative juices flowing again.

She also encouraged me to use items from my own shop in the photos and she included some of my styling tips in her look book! It became this beautiful collaborative project.

I'm just so proud of how it all came together. 

Aneta puts so much heart and soul into her artwork and you can just see it. 

Check out the full look book here. And snag some of her new spring items while you're at it!

The Fresh Fruit No. 1 is probably my favorite! Close second would be the hand drawn florals!

And I'm so thankful to Aneta for thinking of me for this project, as it lit a little fire in me. I feel alive when I'm making things beautiful and using the gifts God has given me. So if you think I'd be a good fit for your next project, please don't hesitate to contact me!


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