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Kitchen Classroom

One of my goals is for my boys to leave my house knowing their way around the kitchen. I'll be honest, my schedule doesn't normally allow for the extra slow down teaching time while cooking weeknight dinners but that's been one of the silver linings of this crazy time in our country for me. So that's where some school has been taking place with my 1st grader these days.

Reading - check. Comprehension - check. Following directions - check. Math - check. Science - check. Plus, he loves it!

I've found using the HelloFresh recipes + cards was the easiest way to start with him. Each recipe comes with corresponding pictures to each of the directions so that was a really helpful way to start for him.

Things we worked on while following a HelloFresh recipe:

Reading - At a first grade level, he's still working on expanding his vocabulary and sounding out words. Recipes have lots of new words he's unfamiliar with so this was great practice!

Comprehnsion + following directions - Once he reads the direction, I tell him to let me know what we need to do in our recipe next. He absolutely loved working alongside me and learning some new tricks in the kitchen.

Math - Learning what measurements are, parts of a whole, fractions. Tablespoons vs. teaspoons. We discussed it all and I loved seeing his eyes light up when things clicked!

Science - Learning what foods go together to make something new. How different spices and powders react. Watching how heat on liquid over time causes it to thicken. Or watching the liquid evaporate as steam. Lots of varying sciences lessons happen in many different recipes!

And more than just typical school lessons, I want him to learn how good it feels to serve others. To work hard on something to give to someone else to nourish them. I hope he'll cook for his family and friends one day and think back on these early days learning alongside his mama in the kitchen.

By the pride I saw in his eyes, I can already tell I think I've got myself a sous chef for life.

I can't recommend HelloFresh enough if you're wanting to get your kids started in the kitchen. You can choose the level of difficulty for meals and we've honestly never had one we didn't love!


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