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Key Ingredients for Outdoor Entertaining

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

This post is in partnership with Serena&Lily and may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

For me, I'd rather entertain and be entertained in an outdoor setting. I just feel way more relaxed and at ease, especially if I have my kids with me. I'm not as concerned with them ruining something or breaking something expensive in someone's house. And if the weather is nice, it just feels like a slice of heaven.

From years of being entertained at other's home I've found the key ingredients that make for a welcoming and comfortable environment so I knew what I needed to do when we were setting up our outdoor entertaining area.

  1. Shade

If you've ever been anywhere where you've been sitting in the sun and sweating, there's no way you're relaxing. (Unless you're at a beach of course) But there's nothing worse than sitting in nice clothing at someone else's house and feeling yourself sweat. So the first thing I knew we needed in our outdoor area was shade.

Our outdoor patio does actually get decent shade from our house at most times of the day but there are still certain areas that are in direct sun. So we added this Serena&Lily beach umbrella and it is so beautiful. I love that the fringe adds such a special touch. I knew we'd use this umbrella so much during our beach trips but the fact that I could get a base for it and use it on my patio sold me. It's easy to move around depending on where the sun is at different times of day and creates a beautiful shaded area to lounge in. We got this Serena&Lily beach umbrella in antique white but it also comes in different patterns depending on how you have your outdoor area decorated.

2. Comfortable & Inviting Seating

I want to be able to feel like I could put my feet up and on things and I want my guests to feel the same way. If something feels too precious, I know people aren't going to feel relaxed. I added in some Serena&Lily outdoor pillows into the space that are meant to withstand the elements and are comfortable enough for lounging. The texture and fabric of the Alba outdoor pillow cover felt beautiful and approachable and ever pillow cover has coordinating inserts that fit perfectly.

3. Great food & drinks

I'm listing this ingredient as third but I'm gonna say it's probably the most important. You can get by with second rate seating and people might be willing to sweat a little bit if your food and drinks are good.

I absolutely love to make a good charcuterie board spread when I'm entertaining because it feels casual and sophisticated and almost everyone can find something they like on it. I own the Serena&Lily Millerton round platter and I swear you could put almost anything on that and it would look gorgeous. But for summer entertaining you can't beat using the Serena&Lily Cayman Sea-Grass wrapped pitcher and coordinating glasses.

I'm gonna share one of my favorite drink recipes to make in my Cayman pitcher that is so refreshing and such a crowd pleaser!

White Peach + Thyme Cooler

- 8 sprigs of thyme, slightly bruised

- 3 white peaches, sliced

- 1 bottle dry chamagne

- 1 can sparkling water (I used Aha Peach + honey)

- 1 TB honey

Directions: Take your fresh thyme sprigs and muddle slightly using a mortar & pestle. Put in bottom of pitcher, add in your sliced peach and top with honey. Pour in your chilled champagne and top with your can of sparkling water. Stir until honey is combined. Serve & enjoy!

The fresh thyme and peach add such a refreshing flavor and the honey adds a perfect amount of sweetness to your dry champagne.

To me, if you have these three ingredients there's no way your company is going to have a bad time. You give them some shade, some comfortable seating and something good to eat and drink - you're golden!

I can personally attest to using and loving the Serena& Lily Beach Umbrella, the Alba outdoor pillow, and the Cayman pitcher and Cayman glasses.

Cheers to all the summer entertaining, my friends!


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