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It's a...

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

We recently found out who we will be adding to our family in January!

This is one of the moments I look forward to most in pregnancy. For me, this moment of finding out if we're having a boy or girl makes the whole thing feel so real and exciting. It helps me personalize the whole experience and I love to start to call our baby by name. I dream about what they'll look like and start to create space in our home and our hearts for them. 

We did a gender reveal with both of our other babes. So we definitely couldn't' leave this baby out.

We did a cake for Grady.

And we did donuts for Griffin.

So for this babe, we started with cupcakes.

But those were just for fun. The real reveal came in the form of colored smoke sticks!

My heart was racing before we found out. I was so anxious for the news!

The only person who knew our surprise was my friend Trisha. So she brought out the right colored smoke sticks for us and lit them.

Then we all were so shocked to see...

BLUE smoke! Another brother for the Goodman boys!

Truth be told, it took me a hot minute to accept this news. Everything about this pregnancy and everything in my heart told me it was a girl. I had to let my heart hurt a little bit for the daughter I thought I'd have. 

I'm rewriting the picture of what I thought our family would look like in my head and just so grateful to experience this all again and give my boys a brother!

Even though the surprise was not what I was expecting, it was so special to share this life-changing moment with our friends and family. We were able to do the gender reveal while my brother and sister-in-law were visiting us in Indiana from Virginia by using SneakPeek early gender results.

This DNA detection test allows you to get your gender results early, so I was able to do my test at 14 weeks and then share the results with our family when my brother arrived in town!

We did a gender reveal for him and his wife last summer here in Indiana so it was super special to share a memory like this again this summer!

Enjoy this video of our reactions right when we found out!

We are so grateful to add another boy to this crazy crew!


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