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If I can do it, you can do it

I asked my husband to write a review of using HelloFresh from his perspective - he is a man who spends very little time in the kitchen and would not consider himself well-versed in cooking at all. Here's what he had to say:

So, Shelby and I have been using HelloFresh to spice up our date nights in for long enough that I felt ready to try to tackle on a dinner on my own. Typically we enjoy cooking together and enjoying the process as part of the date but it's also pretty romantic to cook for someone else and just invite them to sit down when it's all ready.

As a man who prides himself in being able to make bacon and eggs and cook a mean hamburger on the grill and that's pretty much it, attempting to make Blackened Barramundi with Pineapple Salsa definitely sounded a little intimidating.

Easily my favorite part is that the recipe cards have step by step pictures and as a visual learner this was helpful to be able to SEE that I was following the directions correctly.

The other super helpful part is that there is little to no measuring. So many of the ingredients come pre-measured that it really does help to make it foolproof.

And while the bolded words on the recipe card make it easier to spot which ingredient you're working with, you still have to read the directions so you don't add all the scallions to the rice when you need some for the pineapple salsa later. Not that I would do that or anything. Hah!

Other things I enjoy about HelloFresh is that we often try new flavors or cook things that we don't normally make very often. Shelby and I are forever raving about the sauces that we make with the meals we get. I don't think we've ever met one we didn't love.

The precise cooking times and delicious seasonings, made cooking fish at home seem easy somehow.

So I really credit the simple, easy to follow directions with the fact that I was able to make this dinner BY MYSELF for Shelby. I mean it doesn't look exactly like the picture but it's pretty darn close if I do say so myself!

So I just want to encourage you that if I can do it, you can do it.


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