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Galentine's Brunch + Printable Cards

Galantines Day is one made up holiday that I definitely celebrate.

Because good girlfriends are the stuff of life.

I started doing throwing a little Galentines Day brunch several years ago when I lived in Virginia and for me, it was the perfect way to celebrate the girls who had 

invested so much in my life by their friendship. I really encourage you to do this. 

Not Galentines, although that's a perfect excuse, but just celebrate the people who invest

in you. Good friends are among the best things in life and deserve that celebration.

For me the food is the hardest part. So I made it easy on  myself and made stuff that I know how to make and make well. Two types of quiche and hash browns. And bread and fruit are always an easy add on. 

Making these Pink Grapefruit Mimosas was maybe my best decision. So delish.

The recipe is super simple and I just made it up so just go with it.

Equal parts: 

-pink grapefruit juice 

- and champagne 

and then blood orange slice and blueberries for garnish!

(You can always sub grapefruit flavored sparkling water for anyone who doesn't prefer champagne)

I think simple and beautiful is the way to go. 

Pull out a table cloth, the real napkins, put out place settings and maybe grab some fresh flowers and you'll have yourself a well set table!

I've even made it easy for you and I've included my placards here as a free printable download

I like to do the printables for you guys as a little thank you for all the ways you support my brand and my online shop. So, enjoy and celebrate the people in your life! These would even make cute little encouragement cards to send in the mail! 



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