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Festive Halloween Treats

Life should be celebrated. That's my motto.

And I'm always looking for little ways to show my kids that.

For that to be apart of my legacy.

It doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. Just a small effort on my part to make their day a little special is so huge I think.

So here are a few super easy ways to make some festive Halloween treats for your kids that I've done over the years and get rave reviews from the Goodman boys.

Get some Ghost Peeps and top them in some hot cocoa...

Or prop them up in some pudding!

Buy some edible Googley eyes to stick in some whipped cream topping...

Or to make Rice Krispie Monsters with!

Just dip the tops of rice krispie treats in colored icing and let the kids add eyes!

Turn an apples + pb snack into a funny mouth treat with a few marshmallow teeth!

Or make classic apple nachos with caramel, nuts and chocolate chips!

Happy Halloween week snacking!


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