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Fall Scavenger Hunt + Free Printable

A favorite fall activity to do with my boys is go on a fall scavenger hunt.

I make up a list of things we have to find and we grab a basket and set out on our 'treasure hunt' as we call it. I usually just scribble something down but this year I got a little more official so that I could share it with you guys too!

Griff dubbed himself official basket holder and took the job quite seriously.

We set out around our neighborhood to see what treasure we could find.

I make the list simple enough for them to do on their own with my direction and full of stuff that's pretty easy to find, like all the different colors of leaves.

And acorns/nuts

I like to put some learning stuff in there too, like find something that is straight, round, smooth, or rough, etc.

And the bonus is to find something special to them. This one was Grady's.

We went all over checking off our list.

We came back pretty excited about our finds.

We only didn't find one thing on our list and that was a pinecone.

But look at all our beautiful treasure!

Feel like doing one for yourself? Here's a link to a free printable to take on your treasure hunt!

Tag us on Instagram (@shelbygoodman) if you use it! The boys would be so excited to see!


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