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New Year's Vision Date: Date Night Looks

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

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One of my favorite date nights of the year is our new year's vision date. Where after the hustle and bustle of the season and creating Christmas magic for our kids, we enjoy a night just us as part of our gift to each other. We plan and dream and look back and create vision for the new year.

As I was looking in my closet for outfit ideas, I couldn't help but feel proud of how far my closet has come in my goals towards ethical and sustainable fashion. During our vision date last year I set a goal to purchase 80% of my clothing second hand and then use the other 20% to support brands making a difference in the fashion industry. And Josh's closet follows suit by default because I thrift/purchase the majority of his clothing for him.

One of my favorite brands making a difference in the fashion industry is Nisolo. And I was blown away by the launch of their Sustainability Fact Labels - leading the way for transparency in the fashion world.

They see the problems in the fashion industry and the negative impact it's making on our world and they're leading the way towards change. Their labels break down the impact on People and Planet. To hear that less than 5% of the nearly 100M people making clothes around the world are even paid a living that covers their basic needs is horrific.

I'll proudly support a company that cares about the people who work for them and the greater impact they make on the world.

So while I've been adding some of Nisolo's timeless styles to my closet for a few years, I finally got Josh a pair of the All Weather Andres Boots in Tobacco and love the way they look on him.

So now we just need to choose which outfits look best for date night. All of Josh's clothing except for his pants were thrifted by me.

And every single piece of my clothing options here was purchased second hand and all my shoes shown are from Nisolo.

I cannot recommend doing a New Year's vision date with your partner enough.

Download this year's 2022 intentions and make it a date of it!

And if you haven't thought about it, try making a goal for your closet! Even small steps count!

So which outfit combos would you pick for us?


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