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Boys Shared Room: The Plan

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

{This post contains sponsored and affiliate links. All images and opinions are my own. 

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When designing a room, I usually try to get one inspiration piece and build everything else around it. It helps me have a jumping off point and keep the room design cohesive. But with needing to accommodate two boys and their interests, I started with a list of must-haves for the room instead and went from there.


- Bunkbeds to create as much floor space as possible

- Affordable/Comfy mattresses (we still plan to use their room for guests/their kids so this is important to us)

- Big rug to make the room feel cozy

- Beddy's zippered bedding (I was against bunkbeds for the longest time but this GENIUS bedding took every excuse out of my book: "The top bunk is gonna be too hard to make" "They're gonna look messy all the time", etc.) This code will give you 20% off!

- Double desk area for school work, art work, etc.

- Double dresser

- Lots of storage - making it easy for toys to be picked up and put away

- Style that can grow with them

From there, I started researching and looking for my big items. Once I found what I wanted, I was able to create a color pallet and design board to keep me on track.

So far we have the big items in:


This room was suppppper limited on where we could put a bunkbed because of the slanted ceiling and the chimney and most bunkbeds we looked at wouldn't even fit. The only bed we found to meet our size requirement was this one from ikea. It hangs over the closet entrance by 1/4in but we're calling that a win.

The wood was a bit too yellow for our liking so we used a water based white wash stain to take the yellow out and give it that natural wood look we wanted. Here you can clearly see the difference as the top board is not stained yet.

I actually sanded and stained it after the bed was built, avoiding having to stain the parts that wouldn't be seen (like the slats) and the whole job only took me about an hour and a half! But what a difference it made!


We were so happy to have found the company Allswell for our mattresses. This is an affordable option for a hybrid mattress, offering the best of foam and coils, and THE most comfortable mattress with a plush topper built in. (For reference a queen size is only $245 and they're made in the US!)

And we feel good about this company knowing Allswell’s mattresses come with a 100-night risk-free trial. (Bonus: They also come with free ground shipping, 10-year limited warranty, white glove service and optional old mattress removal.) Available at and


Nordic Knots was my top choice when looking at rugs for this room. They have that clean, modern design that I was looking for and a timeless look that can grow with them. Their rugs are also 100% New Zealand wool, woven by hand, so the cozy factor is on point. I absolutely love the way it fills the room.

I can't wait to start adding the personal touches that will make it uniquely personal for them.


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