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Boys Shared Room: DIY Double Desk

One of the things I knew for sure I wanted to put in the boys' new shared room was a double desk for them to use for drawing, homework, etc. 

But working with a limited space and wanting to ensure the walkway to the two closets wouldn't be cut off, I knew I'd be best off making a custom desk.

Lucky for me,  Ikea + Pretty Pegs made this an easy job!

The great thing about Pretty Pegs is that they're designed to work with ikea furniture so all the heights were spot on for the legs and the drawer unit to work with the desktop!

They came with all the hardware needed to attach to the ikea tabletop and I was able to build all of these pieces without almost any of my husband's help!

It worked exactly how I imagined, which doesn't always happen in home design projects, so I'm definitely chalking this one up as a win!

So happy to have been able to create this space to grow with them.

Their room is almost complete now! More on the bunkbed ikea hack here.

(This post is in collaboration with Pretty Pegs - thank you for supporting our sponsors!)


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