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Hiring Out Kitchen Help

I cook 95% of our meals. That’s definitely not a testament to my love of cooking but more of a reflection of the lack of take-out options in our small town. Unless you count the 3 different pizza joints - hah! But that doesn’t mean I don’t need help in the kitchen or ways to take cooking off my plate during certain weeks and that’s where HelloFresh comes in! It takes care of the grocery shopping, meal planning, and packing extra lunches for me. So during weeks were time is my most valuable commodity, it’s a lifesaver. And this week is definitely one of those weeks because I’m planning my baby boy’s first birthday party this weekend!

So the way HelloFresh works is you get chef-curated recipes and pre-measured ingredients delivered right to your door each week. No recipe hunting and no extra ingredients going bad in your fridge. You choose your family size, your meal plan, and your delivery date.

They have vegetarian options, low calorie options, and family friendly options. And you get to go through and choose from over 20 different meals each week. Josh and I are really trying to eat healthy and we’ve been so pleased with their protein and veggie options!

Here’s an example of an amazing meal I made this week in less than 30 minutes!

All the ingredients I needed to make Blackened Tilapia Tacos came right to my door and the pre-measured ingredients made it so simple and convenient to make something I’d never made at home before!

I love that the recipe cards have pictures, especially when I’m making something I’m not familiar with. My husband is a huge fish fan so this was such a treat to him because I rarely make fish at home plus the way all these flavors went together were incredible!

I took all these ingredients from this to that in just 30 minutes and I’ve had a lot of good fish tacos in my days, but these rivaled any restaurant fish taco I’ve ever had!

And now you’re in luck because HelloFresh is extending a special offer to my readers:


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