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DIY Custom Doormat

My girlfriends and I were inspired to have a fall crafternoon after our recent trip to ikea where we each snagged these plain doormats for $5 and after seeing how easy Chris Loves Julia made hers look last year!

We each came with a different idea of what we wanted to put on them and we each employed some different techniques as well when making them!

Here's what you need:

+ Stencils (If you don't already own any, I recommend these Helvetica ones)

+ Black Paint (Exterior paint or Acrylic + Sealer)


+ Thick Permanent Marker

Trish came with her own larger and individually cut out stencils, and opted to paint them on. We recommend individual stencils if you opt to go the painting route or it will take too long between drying times and you run the risk of smudging.

Holly decided to freehand paint on some trees to match her phrase she chose for her mat. She then decided to try the permanent marker using the smaller stencil pack.

I opted for something simple just using the smaller Helvetica stencil pack in all caps and used a thick permanent marker.

We all applied a clear sealer to our mats to help them hold up to foot traffic.

It was the perfect afternoon craft that allowed us all to customize our mats to exactly what we wanted and have fun while doing it!


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