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Baby Gate Solution for our Big Stairway

I love our old house so much. The arched doorways, the big fieldstone fireplace, and the beautiful curved stairway add so much character to it. But we had never had a baby in this house and I didn't realize how much this beautiful curved stairway would cause an issue until our youngest son started crawling. Those stairs just proved to be the biggest temptation for a baby gaining his independence.

As shown here in Exhibits A-G:

No traditional baby gate would work on these stairs as there is nothing to secure it to and a baby who likes to pull up on things would pull it right down if it's not secured. I was having mini panic attacks whenever I let him out of my sight thinking he had climbed the stairs when I wasn't looking. And I felt at a loss for what to do here until I found The Stair Barrier. Because of the bend in my stairway and the need to start the barrier on the first step so as not to block the main walkway in the house, I knew it would need to be a fabric style gate. I was so pleased with how many pretty fabric options they had on their site.

I was able to send them a picture of my stairway and their customer service helped me choose the correct style and measurements to be able to attach to my banister.

The snap clips make it easy to go in and out and the hard structure inside the fabric makes rolling it up to the side when we're not using it so convenient!

It is literally exactly what I needed for this space and I'm so glad there is such a forward thinking company out there that had already created it!

So the best gift I got this Christmas was peace of mind. Knowing that my sweet baby is safe in our home.

Now all I have to worry about is all the little LEGO pieces his big brothers leave on the floor. Hah!

I was gifted The Stair Barrier for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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