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DIY Father's Day Awards

When celebrating our guy there's two things I know are true gifts to him: breakfast and words of affirmation. So I had each of the boys tell me their favorite thing about their daddy and we made these Father's Day awards for him. It's one of those little things that's a big thing and I could tell it meant so much to him.

I'm sharing the super simple DIY and the generic Father's Day award templates for you guys in case you want to do it too! Celebrating people well is such a special thing and it brings me joy to help you do it for your people too!

Here's what you'll need:

- Paper fans in different sizes (here's the $5 pack I got from Target)

- Cardstock for the tails

- Scissors and glue

- Award templates (linked below)

Cut out strips of cardstock paper for the tails and trim the bottoms to look like a ribbon.

Overlap them and glue them together as seen above. Then clue both pieces to the middle of your fan. I used glue dots but hot glue would work well too.

Download and print the award templates linked below and cut them out into circles. Glue the varying sizes onto the corresponding size paper fan.

I used the same glue dots to attach mine to the wall where we would be having breakfast.

And that's it! Very little time/money investment for a big impact making the dad in your life feel special!

If you don't have access to a printer, you could always just cut circles and write in your awards! But I made it easy for you to simply print and cut if you'd like to use these Father's Day awards!

Use this link to download the 6"circle award

And use this link to download the 5" and 4" awards

Happy celebrating!

I love seeing if you guys use these ideas so please tag me on Instagram (@shelbygoodman) if you share!


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